Since 2004, white-snow365-small  has been the one company

to follow the development of indoor snow centres and artificial surface / dry slopes worldwide.  

Indoor snow centres and dry slopes are about more than just learning to ski or board.

National teams train on them, companies test products, and World class competitions are staged on them.

More than 50 other activities are possible.

More than 500 artificial surface ski slopes have been built in the last 60 years

allowing people in more than 50 countries worldwide to practice snow sports where there’s no snow.

POWDER by Patrick Thorne

By Patrick ‘Snowhunter’ Thorne

Powder is the definitive guide to the world’s top ski and snowboard locations. Whether you’re a serious skier or a novice who’s never put on skis in your life, this book will thrill and inspire. With stunning photography and all the information you could need to plan the perfect trip, Powder is the ultimate bucket list for any snow sports enthusiast, challenging beginners and experts alike to take on the most breathtaking runs the world has to offer.


More than 50 million people have learned to ski in countries or regions

with no natural snowfall thanks to indoor snow centers and  dry slopes.

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