Piste Basher ‘Road Tested’ On Indoor Snow

Piste Basher ‘Road Tested’ On Indoor Snow

The Italian manufacturer of trail groomers, more commonly known in the UK as ‘piste bashers,’ Prinoth, has been running tests on one of its machines on the indoor snow of Skidôme Rucphen in The Netherlands.

Prinoth were at Skidôme Rucphen to test how well their machine performs indoors. They sent their head engineer and a sales representative of Prinoth to examine ways to optimize the machine for indoor use.

All existing indoor snow centres work with the other big piste basher manufacturer, Kassbohrer, and Skidôme is the first and only indoor hall where they’re working with a different company.
Skidôme was chosen by Prinoth due to their 20+ years of experience already gained in grooming indoor snow.

“In the mountains you are driving around in the open air but indoors you’re dealing with different environmental factors,” said Frank Delcroix, technical manager at Skidôme, “Think of the emissions from machines that lingers in the halls. For us it is very important that the machines are equipped with the best emission filters, so that we can drive almost 100% emission-free. ”

After the company’s own research is carried out, Skidôme Rucphen’s staff will be testing out the new groomer for themselves.