August Indoor Snow Training for Snowsports Coaches

August Indoor Snow Training for Snowsports Coaches

Scottish snowsport’s governing body – Snowsport Scotland – will be bringing the snowsports community together for its annual Coaching Summit on indoor snow later this month.

The event – taking place on 27th and 28th August at Snow Factor, Renfrew – provides all members of the snowsports community, from coaches and instructors right through to leaders and competitors, the opportunity to meet together to share and gain knowledge, as well as update core qualifications.

Snowsport Scotland’s highly qualified coaches will be delivering Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses and sharing updates to all attendees on the recent changes in discipline areas including Alpine, Park and Pipe and Cross Country.

The National Governing Body will also be inspiring attendees to try new snowsport disciplines by  offering a range of taster sessions for all to participate in.

“We are delighted to be hosting this event again, which in past years has always been extremely successful,” said Rob Claridge, recently appointed CEO at Snowsport Scotland, “Not only will the two days be educational for attendees, they also promise to be a lot of fun with like-minded individuals meeting together to share their knowledge and experience.”

“Our members and also non-members with a keen interest in the sport are very important to us and we believe events such as this enables them to progress and continually improve their skillset. It can be very easy to slip into bad habits and refresher courses such as this – which is valid for a year – allows coaches and leaders the chance to improve their skills and techniques in an open and interactive environment to ensure they continue to deliver their coaching to the highest possible standards.”

The Saturday event – which is available to all members of the public – will be opened by keynote speaker, Professor Dave Collins of University of Central Lancashire. There will be a host of speakers throughout the day including GB Park and Pipe Team Manager, Lesley Mckenna, presenting a session on ‘What are the Requirements for High Performance Development’ and Snowsport Scotland’s Mike Pilarski, Head Alpine Coach and Ross Gardner, Performance Manager will be delivering a presentation on alpine coaching.

The second day of the coaching summit is exclusively for tutors and UKCP verifiers who have received an invite to the event.

Members of SSS, SSE, SSW and IASI can attend the event for a cost of £70 and for non/members and members of other organisations the cost to attend the event is £95.