New Dry Slope at Fuzhou, China

New Dry Slope at Fuzhou, China

JF Dry Mat have opened their latest new ski slope at Fuzhou in China.

More than 600 people are reported to have attended the opening of the new slope, which is 100m long and 20m wide, and over 6,000 visited in its first month of operations.

JF Dry Mat say they created their dry ski surface back in 1995, but due to the unpopularity of winter sports in China at the time, they did not actually install their first slope until 2011.

The company has installed 30 dry slopes (including approximately 15 tubing and 8 ski and board slopes in China, and a further 7 in Japan) over the past five years.

Their original slope, the Chengdu American Four Season’s ski resort opened in November 2011.

With a 10000m2 dry slope surface the centre has a 160m intermediate slope, 100m nursery slope, 70m jumps course and 90m mogul course.

Over 50,000 people learn to ski or snowboard every year at this location.