Piste Map Published For World’s New Biggest Indoor Snow Centre

Piste Map Published For World’s New Biggest Indoor Snow Centre

A piste map has been published revealing the six runs within the world’s new biggest indoor snow centre – by snow surface area – set to open in China next month.  

The Harbin Wanda Snow Amusement Park which opens in June will have six runs up to 500 metres long. The main black run is 380m long, 40 metres wide and has a 25 degree pitch and there is a second shorter black run which descends in to the indoor terrain park.  The main intermediate run is 500 metres long, 60 metres wide, and has a 20 degree pitch.  Other runs include two 40 metre long easy slopes in a separate area and there is a large snow play area.

Uplift is provided by several indoor chairlifts and conveyor lifts, the latter featuring moving handrails for the first time.

The 500m long slope will be the fourth longest in the world, behind slopes 550-640m long in France, Germany and The Netherlands, however the width of the slopes is wider than at the European centres giving the new centre the biggest indoor snow area in the world.

The title may only last in Harbin for a few years as plans have been unveiled for a 1km+ indoor snow slope in Dubai, due to be completed by 2019.

Harbin is China’s main ski region in the North East of the country, although in recent years the focus has moved south with the awarding of the Winter Olympics to Beijing.  Temperatures in Harbin can reach -20 to -30C in winter so the indoor snow facility will be warmer to ski in indoors than at the region’s 50+ outdoor ski areas.

Of the 70 or so indoor snow centres now operating in around 30 countries China now has more indoor snow centres than any other country and at least half a dozen more are reported to be under construction.